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New drink with 90 g of carbohydrates in 500 ml of water and extra sodium. Ratio 1:0,8 Maltodextrin:Fructose. Excellent dissolution, flavor and texture.

  • Provides 90 g of carbohydrates in 500 ml of water
  • Mixture of Maltodextrin and Fructose in a 1:0,8 ratio
  • With a plus of sodium (sea salt)200 mg
  • Maximum absorption and digestibility
  • Suitable for Vegans and free of allergens


HyperDrink 90 is a powdered sports drink of the highest quality and with an ideal composition of carbohydrates and sodium, nutrients necessary to improve performance in both training and competitions. long duration and/or high intensity. In a single intake of 500 ml you will have 90 g of carbohydrates plus an extra supply of Sodium (approx. 208 mg).

HyperDrink 90 contains the ideal mixture, according to science, of carbohydrates, Maltodextrin and Fructose, in ratio 1,25:1 (commonly 1:0.8). It has been shown that in prolonged exercises the use of carbohydrates that are absorbed in the intestine by different transporters (known as GLUT) is the only way to increase the rate of assimilation and oxidation of exogenous carbohydrates above 60 g/hour (Currell, K. et al., MSSE. 2008; Earnest, C.P. et al., JSCR. 2004). To do this, research says that the ideal is to combine a source that provides glucose (in our case maltodextrin) with fructose.


Perfect dissolution!


The handicap that some drinks of this type on the market have is solubility, being complicated or producing unstable drinks over the hours. We have been very meticulous with this, so after choosing the best raw materials, doing several tests, we have managed to make a product with perfect dissolution, in just a few minutes a translucent and totally stable drink is formed with the passage of the hours.


No taste!

Seeking maximum effectiveness both at an energy level and at a gastrointestinal level, we have developed a product of high purity, so it has no taste , only at an organoleptic level does it have a slight sweet touch provided by the fructose itself, nothing more. It does not contain flavourings, preservatives, sweeteners, colourings, or any other additive.


And without forgetting that HyperDrink 90 is 100% safe as it has anti-doping certification. by the Informed-Sport.

Crown Sport HyperDrink 90 (Ratio 1 - 0.8)


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