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UNUSUAL NITROUS (1800mg de nitrate - 21g Bicarbonate - 750 Poliphenols) Taste: Cola - 6x21g


Product aimed at sports performance. Created by and for competition. Based on the 3 active ingredients that surprised science, which grant the body powers to maximize its potential.


UNUSUAL NITROUS might be a good decision for your pre-training routines; it is a fabulous triple-action supplement, with the latest scientific innovations. It is a drink aimed at high-intensity or long-duration efforts, providing an energy boost that leads to an increase in your performance.


SANTAMADRE UNUSUAL NITROUS is designed for all types of sports, both short and long duration, and its complete intake is composed of: 1800mg of nitrate, 21g of sodium carbonates, and 750mg of polyphenols.


Nitrate is the ideal supplement to consume before training; on one hand, it achieves significant vasodilation, increasing blood flow, on the other hand, a buffer load that will neutralize part of the athlete's lactic acid, and finally, an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces oxidative stress and delays muscle damage.



Nitrate is an important source of nitrogen commonly consumed by humans, found in many plants and vegetables, and has been proposed as a potential energy supplement for people.

It has been shown that nitrate enhances exercise performance and endurance, and may also benefit cardiovascular health. Furthermore, nitrate has been demonstrated to improve cognitive function in young adults.



It is a compound characterized by its basic pH. Multiple studies have shown that it neutralizes the acidity caused by lactic acid, thereby delaying fatigue and muscle congestion. UNUSUAL NITROUS contains 21g of bicarbonate per full dose and was a pioneer in the formulation of a product with bicarbonate in 2022. Bicarbonate, combined with the rest of the ingredients, improves sports performance in high-intensity efforts.



It was the last to join, after various trials and internal studies, it could not be missed; we were surprised by its power and what it is capable of achieving. They are specific antioxidants characterized by reducing the body's inflammation by neutralizing free radicals and decreasing muscle damage. Extracted from a purification of Tart Cherry, we managed to obtain high amounts of anthocyanins never before used in a pre-workout. This ingredient completes the trident that will make you perform at the highest level.


As we have mentioned,  UNUSUAL NITROUS  consists of 3 actions in total, which are:


  • Its main action,  vasodilator , is formed thanks to its 600 mg of nitrate per dose, which together with the full dose (3 doses) makes a total of a load of  1800 mg  of nitrate in 3 days. Nitrate acts as a precursor to arginine, converting it into nitric oxide in the body, achieving its vasodilatory action.


  • The  buffer action , capable of neutralizing part of the lactic acid, is predefined by the basic pH given by the bicarbonate load, reaching 21 g per dose. This will allow us to maintain the effort for longer in very high intensity efforts.


  • And finally and as a novelty, highlighting the  anti-inflammatory action , thanks to its high content of polyphenols, will favor the anti-inflammatory action, delaying muscle inflammation and reducing muscle damage, achieving improved performance.