FUNCTIONAL GUMMY 1 is a delicious natural energy gummy with just 50 kcal to achieve a high activation of the body before performing a demanding physical activity. It is made up of a powerful seaweed agar-agar with multiple benefits, both in terms of performance and recovery. It is fat-free and contains caffeine, an active ingredient that has been more than proven to help us increase performance as well as improve fat oxidation. It is a 100% vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free product.



Physical Activity          1 Before Exercise

Weight                             15g

Caffeine                           With caffeine

Taste                                 lollipop

Calories                           50 Kal / Unit

Gluten                              Gluten free

Lactose                            Without lactose

Palm Oil                           Palm Oil Free

Vegan                               100%

SANTA MADRE - SPORT GUMMY 1 << BEFORE << Flavor: Lollipop 15g