SPORT GUMMY 3  is a delicious natural energy gummy to improve our recovery after exercise, even during exercise in very prolonged activities. Formulated with a large amount of amino acids (BCAA) that will help us recover muscle fibers and with mineral salts and vitamins to replace lost nutrients. It is created with agar-agar, a powerful seaweed with many benefits for the body, both in performance and recovery. It is a 100% vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free product.



Physical Activity          3 After Exercise

Weight                             15g

Caffeine                           Without caffeine

Taste                                 banana

Calories                           50 Kal / Unit

Gluten                              Gluten free

Lactose                            Without lactose

Palm Oil                           Palm Oil Free

Vegan                               100%

SANTA MADRE - SPORT GUMMY 3 >> AFTER >> Flavor: Banana 15g