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Unusual Recovery Flavor: Cherry

Formats: 66 g | Box 6 sachets x 66g


Unusual Recovery is the result of tireless pursuit of excellence in sports nutrition. The recovery supplement for those who not only seek to restore their energy but aspire to surpass themselves, especially designed for stage efforts or long-duration activities with high oxidative stress.


UNUSUAL RECOVERY is a recovery supplement specifically designed for stage efforts or activities with high oxidative stress over long durations. It is a unique recovery product on the market that combines an optimal formulation of carbohydrates and proteins (3:1) to enhance energy and structural replenishment, high amounts of specific polyphenols that neutralize endogenous inflammation and muscle damage while acting as prebiotics, along with 2 specific strains of probiotics that reduce intestinal inflammation by improving nutrient absorption into the bloodstream.


Polyphenols are the protagonists of the product. We focus on TART CHERRY and search for the best ingredient, not just any concentrate, but a cutting-edge standardization that guarantees a high predisposition of polyphenols (1500mg), specifically a high concentration of anthocyanins (1250mg), although quercetin and phenolic acids complete the team. With a ratio of 100:1, each gram of our extract is equivalent to 100g of sour cherry extract.


Some already discuss the effects of antioxidants, more specifically polyphenols, on performance and recovery in sports, but very few explicitly discuss anthocyanins as the protagonists of these functions, and only we state that 1250 mg of anthocyanins significantly improve post-exertion recovery.


Carbohydrates are an essential part of recovery in endurance sports, and in this case, we've opted for a 1:1 ratio, matching the work of intestinal gates GLUT5 with SGLT1 and 2. Why? Because we've shown that GLUT5 has a lot to offer, a very intelligent transporter and pathway, transporting fructose to the liver and metabolizing it into different options depending on the body's situation. SGLT1 and 2, we've worked with various glycemic indexes, and in this case, we've chosen waxy maize starch amylopectin among others, as it will accelerate digestive transit due to its high molecular weight.


Probiotics have gained prominence in the world of sports, and not without reason. Why in a recovery supplement? We've seen that the intestine undergoes alterations during significant efforts, suffering inflammation, and often this slows down or hinders nutrient assimilation, which is a priority for absorbing food and recovering from efforts. We focus on two strains of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and salivarius; we trust them, as they have shown to reduce inflammation caused by exertion.


In summary, we've worked to develop the best recovery supplement for stage efforts, a product designed to provide athletes with the necessary energy to face the next stage, a product that is ready to be part of the most unusual challenges, ultimately UNUSUAL RECOVERY.


Usage Instructions:


  • - Take immediately after exercise, one sachet diluted in 400ml of cold water.