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UNUSUAL BAR 50CHO RATIO 1:1, is a unique energy bar, with 65g containing 50g of carbohydrates in RATIO 1:1. Easy to eat and with only 3g of fat per bar.


UNUSUAL BAR 50CHO RATIO 1:1 is a unique bar on the market, born to make a difference, born to be UNUSUAL.


It is an energy bar designed to be taken during exercise, it gives the athlete privileges never seen before in a bar.


  • o Contains 50g of carbohydrate in just 65g of product.
  • Only 3g of fat per bar, less than 5% fat (from coconut).
  • o The innovative 1:1 RATIO already known within the brand.
  • Easy chewing and digestion, ideal for taking during exercise.


The SANTA MADRE development team has been working for more than a year on this bar to develop a unique product, following the characteristics of the RATIO 1:1, which the brand itself pioneered in its line in 2022. This RATIO refers to how the intestinal gates of access to the blood work, causing a joint action of both gates, improving absorption and reducing digestive problems. 


A bar designed to take in moments of effort, because of its easy chewing and assimilation, which was the main problem to be solved, a bar that can be eaten at a medium-high intensity. 


Formulated for maximum digestive and metabolic efficiency, defying the state of the art manufacturing technique that until now had set these limits, we have been able to develop a unique bar for the body, giving it the tools to absorb more than 100g of carbohydrate per hour. It should be noted that in order to achieve nutritional strategies of high amounts of carbohydrates, it is essential to have an adaptive process, and to get the digestive system used to working during exercise (digestive training).


This bar makes our UNUSUAL family grow. This line within the brand is designed for long distance efforts and demanding nutritional strategies, it is characterised by how it works its carbohydrates, giving the athlete great digestive and energetic capacities, being able to provide the organism with tools to be able to absorb large quantities of carbohydrate per hour.


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