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Kate Percy's GO BITES® Hazelnut + Cacao


Kate's award-winning flavour! Juicy dates, creamy cacao and roasted hazelnuts with a boost of rice protein. Expertly crafted by Kate to give you sustaining energy, enjoy for on-the-go, before and after exercise or as a mid-morning pick me up with a cup of tea or coffee. Also suitable as a healthy snack for children. #ENERJOY!


Each box contains 12 x 24g packs, with 2 bite-size balls in each. 85 calories per pack and containing no added sugar, suitable for vegans, free from gluten, wheat, dairy and egg, high in gut-friendly fibre, and a source of protein!




Dates, Raisins, Roast Hazelnut (12%), Rice Protein Powder (8%), Cacao Powder (6%), Gluten Free Oats, Date Juice Concentrate.

For allergens, please see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of shell or pits.




Per 100g/ Per Pack (24g):

ENERGY 1486kJ/ 356kJ, 353kcal/ 85kcal

FAT 9.8g/ 2.4g, of which saturates 1.4g/ 0.3g,

CARBOHYDRATE 48.4g/ 11.6g, of which sugars* 41.8g/10.0g

FIBRE 9.3g/2.2g

PROTEIN 13.2g/3.2g

SALT 0.06g/ 0.01g


*contains naturally occurring sugars

Kate Percy's GO BITES® Hazelnut + Cacao (12 x 24g Pack Box)

HK$216.00 一般價格